About Me: motivations

Hello, I'm Teodoro Montanaro, but please ... call me Teo!!! This is a sentence that, if you have ever met me you have listened for sure! In fact, even though I'm proud of my name (it was the name of my grandfather ;-) ), I prefer to be called Teo ... come on, it is simpler!!! ;-)

Apart from my name, another important thing about me that you should know is that I hate curricula because of their shortness. For this reason I decided to create this website to collect everything I did and I'm doing in my professional activity so that it can be an extension of my curriculum. (in addition, it will let me remember the details of all the work I did XD).


IoT: my passion (because it's the widest and most diversified domain :D)

As you can see in the "Projects" section of this website, my interests goes from computer graphics to Artificial Intelligence, nonetheless during the last years my interests have converged towards the so called "IoT". The reason behind such a choice is mainly related to the huge amount of different fields of interest that are currently benefitting from the application of such domain. In fact, my interests are so spread over a so huge amount of fields (e.g., health, city transportation systems, energy distribution) that only the IoT is able to group all of them.

The first approach to such an argument dates back to the last year of my master degree and took shape in the master thesis related to the design and the implementation of API for a domotic gateway called Dog (more information about the thesis can be found in the Project section of this webs master's thesis link).

Then, I decided to dive into the IoT world during my Ph.D. at the Politecnico di Torino. The main work performed during the Ph.D. was related to the problem of disruptive notifications and is reported in my Ph.D. thesis untitled "IoT Notifications: from disruption to benefit - Architectures for the future of notifications in the IoT". All the details about the Ph.D. thesis can be found at: Ph.D. thesis.
In addition, during the 3 years of the doctorate I collaborated with TIM (specifically the TIM Swarm Joint Open Lab to the design, the development and the tests of other different solutions also related to smart-health, smart-cities and smart-environment (you can find all the works at which I collaborated in the Projects section of this web site).

Furthermore, the interest in the IoT domain guided me also after the Ph.D., and specifically, in all the European, Italian (national) and regional projects in which I've been involved in as a) European researcher at LINKS Foundation and b) Post-doc researcher at Università del Salento. Some of them are reported in the Projects section of this website.

Since 2020, he collaborates with the IDentification Automation Laboratory (IDA Lab), Department of Innovation Engineering, Università del Salento. His current research interests include IoT applications specifically focused on the exploitation of fog computing, DLT, blockchain, and AI in different domains like smart grids, smart homes, smart cities, industrial processes, food traceability, and smart health. He has authored different papers on international journals and conferences..